Zero Motorcycles at Moto Z

Moto Z is Proud to Be a Certified Dealer for ZERO Electric Motorcycles

The Moto Z crew are so excited to have these sweet new bikes right at the shop at Moto Z! If you haven’t seen a ZERO Electric Motorcycle for yourself, stop in anytime to take a look or schedule a test drive. Here is a video that talks about electric motorcycles, directly from someone who rides one! These things are pretty awesome, AND FAST!

Take a Look at the Models We Have Right Here at Moto Z!

Each available for DEMO.


2018 DSR ZF14.4 w/ CT $18,790

Torque Beast

The Zero DS delivers silent stump-pulling torque, churning up to an outrageous 116 ft-lb—more than any fuel-burning production literbike. Twist the throttle. With this stealth force hurling you forward, you’ll easily leave gas bikes behind.

No shifting, vibration or fumes. The industry leading Z-Force® powertrain effortlessly drives your adventure as your motorcycle seems to silently disappear beneath you.

Charge 6x faster

Grab lunch. Have a coffee. Recharge. Live your life while adding up to 94 miles of range for every hour you’re plugged in. The Charge Tank option is compatible with Level 2 charge stations and delivers roughly 6x faster charging than when compared to a standard wall outlet. Depending on the battery, a typical recharge can now take as little as an hour.

2018 FX ZF7.2 $10,495

Trail Crushing Tech

Always ready. Always in the right gear. “Unstallable.” The Zero FX’s Z-Force® 75-5 motor produces a thumping 78 lb-ft of torque, making this compact dual sport supremely powerful and eminently flickable. Quietly flow along the trail with uninterrupted rhythm. Give a nod to the stalled out and stuttering fossil burners as you weave through the technical parts.

Even braking energy isn’t wasted; squeeze the binders, and regenerative braking sends range-extending power back to the battery.

Charge. Simply.

Wake up, ready to ride, with a “full tank” every day. No expensive charge station required. A simple 110 V household outlet satisfies all the needs of the Zero FX’s 650-watt onboard charger. Every outlet is now a “fueling” station.

Crave faster refills? Pick up an accessory Quick Charger to cut charge times by over 60%.

2018 SR ZF 14.2 Pearl White $16,495

Maximum torque, performance and range.

Upgrade to Zero’s fiercest power plant, the Zero SR is quick enough to out-accelerate a Porsche 911. It produces 116 ft-lb of torque and can run at higher sustained top speeds using an enhanced motor and higher amperage motor controller.

Range (mi): 179 city / 90 highway

Color: Pearlescent Sierra White