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Winter isn’t usually a fun time for motorcycle enthusiasts around Buffalo NY.  The snow forces us to put our bikes in winter storage and wait for the hope of an early spring.  The only thing we can really do is work on our bikes so that they’ll be ready to go when the snow melts.  If you’re looking for an upgrade, Moto Z has a selection of top of the line motorcycle accessories that are sure to improve your bike’s performance this year.  Here are 5 types of motorcycle gear from some leading manufacturers in the industry that you can get right now from Moto Z.

BST Motorcycle Wheels

BlackStone Tek is a pioneer in developing custom motorcycle wheels.  Using carbon fiber to make their motorcycle rims is what sets BST apart from the rest of the pack.  Carbon fiber is an incredibly strong material and will be a durability improvement compared to your current aluminum or magnesium motorcycle rims.  Additionally, these BST custom motorcycle wheels are lighter which makes for improved control and easier braking. If you’re looking for a way to boost your bike’s performance this season, BST carbon fiber wheels are a great option.

Galfer Brakes

Galfer USA burst into the world of motorcycle gear by making high quality braking systems.  Their patented Galfer Wave Rotors changed the game for high performance braking in the motorcycle industry.  The slotted design of Galfer rotors is what makes them unique. This allows for better heat dissipation, a cleaner braking surface, and of course more braking power.  Whether you’re into racing or casual riding, Galfer brakes are the safest way to go.

Clake Clutch

Shifting and braking are two of the most important skills any rider must have.  You might feel comfortable with your bike’s standard clutch and brake pedals so maybe you’ve never thought about upgrading.  If you’ve got money you want to invest in your bike, you won’t be sorry springing for Clake motorcycle accessories. Clake’s line of products all focus on making shifting and braking easier and more efficient by installing hand operated controls.  Whether you go with a Clake clutch or a Clake rear brake, your ride will be noticeably smoother.

Pitbull Motorcycle Stands

How secure is your motorcycle kickstand?  If you do any maintenance on your bike you’ll need something a little more sturdy.  Pit Bull motorcycle stands are the cream of the crop in motorcycle security for storage or repairs.  Pair your Pit Bull bike stand with a Pit Bull trailer restraint to keep your bike safe in transport as well.

Furygan Clothing

Nothing blends riding in style and safety like Furygan.  Their line of clothing products is unmatched. Even professional racers choose Furygan apparel because they know there’s nothing else like it.  MotoZ is proud to be the only Furygan dealer in US. Whether you’re looking for a Furygan Jacket, Furygan motorcycle gloves, Furygan boots or any other Furygan clothing, we’ve got you covered.  We’re glad to provide all your Furygan riding apparel in Buffalo NY.

If you’re ready to get back in the riding mood, upgrading your bike with any of these products will get you there.  And the best part is, you can get all these motorcycle accessories right now from Moto Z! We use the best products for our own bikes and are proud to be able to offer the same to motorcycle enthusiasts all around Buffalo.  Give us a call or drop by the shop to see how we can help get your bike ready for spring!

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  • ~ Dan Rauscher

    "After a long trip riding in Canada, I blew the motor on my '07 Polaris Switchback. I took the sled to Moto Z and Jeff did some trouble shooting to find the cause of failure. Not only was Jeff quick with the repair, but he also took the time to find the best and most inexpensive solution to rebuild the motor. Jeff stood by his work and even fine tuned everything once snow arrived the following season. Great work and excellent pricing, Thanks"

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