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Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to get your motorcycle out of storage.  This is always an exciting time for riders in our area as the Buffalo winter can be depressing and seems to last forever.  We know you’re excited to get in that first ride of the season but we want to take a moment to remind you all to be safe out there.

For this month’s blog we want to touch on riding safety and the importance of proper braking.  If you’re in the market for a quick upgrade before the season gets too far along, we have a couple of products that are sure improve your bike’s overall braking performance.

Braking Safety Tips

Braking has always been one of the most important things every rider needs to focus on.  Whether you’re an experienced pro or new to riding it never hurts to think over some fundamental braking tips.  This is especially crucial this time of year as the roads can still be slick with water from snow melt. Here are 5 general tips to keep in mind as you get ready for your first ride:

  • Keep your brake application around 70/30 percent strength between your front and rear brakes respectively.
  • Don’t follow too close to other traffic.  Follow the 3 second rule when behind other cars so that you have enough time to stop.  Extra space will also make you more visible so that the driver ahead of you doesn’t forget you’re there.
  • Make sure you’re covering your brake.  Pick whatever grip is most comfortable to you (most riders choose either a 2 or 4 finger approach).  This will improve your brake reflexes because your hand will already be in position to start applying brake power at a moment’s notice.
  • Work on honing your staged braking skill.  This incremental braking practice will lower the risk of your front wheel locking up.
  • Pay attention to the conditions of the road.  You should make conscious adjustments to the previous steps to allow for a longer stopping distance if the road is wet or icy.

Improve Your Braking Power

Galfer Brakes

If you have followed along with our blog in the past you know that we’re big fans of the patented Galfer Wave Rotors.  You already know that Galfer rotors are the best in the business because their unique technology maximizes your bike’s braking power.  But did you know Galfer USA also offers other premium braking products? Galfer brake lines all have steel braided hoses which offer better durability and brake response over time.  Galfer brake pads on the other hand are softer and intentionally less durable than standard OEM brake pads.  This might sound like a detriment but softer brake pads reduce wear and tear to your rotors which are much more expensive and difficult to replace.

Clake Clutch

Clake’s philosophy when it comes to their motorcycle clutch products is all about adding convenience and security to your ride at the same time.  Clake is known for their “easy pull” clutching and braking handles that make shifting and stopping a breeze. We’ve seen a lot of riders add a Clake rear brake handle to their bike to help make braking more consistent compared to the standard rear brake pedal.

As always rider safety is our primary concern at Moto Z.  We want to take a moment to encourage you to consider the state of your braking systems.  If you think it might be time for an upgrade, check out some of the cool products we have available that will give you a smooth and safe ride this spring.

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