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Whether you are a long time rider or new to motorcycles, now is the perfect time to think about going electric.  Zero Electric Motorcycles has been the industry leader in electric bikes for over a decade and the new 2019 model lineup is pretty stellar.  The updates they make each year to their core series continue to make electric motorcycles more and more of a viable option. 2019 is a great time to drop in to Moto Z to check out these bikes in person. You might be surprised but what you see and a quick test drive may be just enough to sway you if you’ve been on the fence for a while.  Here’s a short description of what you’ll find with 4 of the hottest new Zero motorcycles that we have available here at Moto Z.

2019 Zero SR

Performance and capacity are the two major questions raised by riders before they dive into the world of ebikes.  If you share either of these concerns, your fears will be put to rest by the new 2019 Zero SR. One of the most powerful electric motorcycles on the market, the Zero SR boasts 116 ft-lbs of torque and tops out at 102 mph; more than enough giddy up for most riders.  Additionally, the SR’s battery life is the perfect complement to its power. It sports the longest range of any electric motorbike with up to 223 city miles on a full charge or 112 miles highway. This combination of power and battery capacity is what makes the Zero SR perhaps the most popular choice for riders looking to avoid hitting the gas stations this year.

2019 Zero FXS

This bike is the perfect entry level model for riders who are unfamiliar with ebikes.  As a cheaper alternative to the Zero SR it loses some the exceptional performance but it is still a great choice for those looking to go green and save money on fill-ups.  The Zero FXS model is known for its command and control capabilities. Its lightweight frame allows for easy maneuvering around traffic and makes this electric motorcycle a top choice for city commuters.  Just think about all the money that can be saved with a range of around 100 miles in the city with a mere cost of $0.81 for a full charge!

2018 Zero FX

The best part about Zero’s lineup of electric motorcycles is that there is a model designed for every type of rider, including off-road enthusiasts.  The 2018 Zero FX model is a favorite for trail riders who often find themselves on less than pristine roads. The Zero FX has remarkable braking power for its size which every off-roader knows is essential.  On top of that, the electric motor means there’s no shifting, so your ebike will be impossible to stall.

2018 Zero DSR

Zero even offers a competitive electric dual sport model.  The Zero DSR brings you a solid balance between the streetwise Zero SR and the off-road focused Zero FX.  This is the most versatile electric motorcycle Zero offers which makes it ideal for the adventurous rider.  The DSR allows you to swap between Eco, Sport and Custom modes so that your bike can be perfectly tuned for whatever type of riding you enjoy most.

Zero Electric Motorcycles offers a diverse new lineup that will let any rider find the ebike that suits their style.  And the best part is, we have all of these models available to you right at Moto Z; your local Buffalo area motorcycle shop.  Drop in to our store so that you can experience the feel of these new electric motorcycles in person. Call Moto Z at 716-714-9708 to set up a test drive today!

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