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Why It’s Time To Consider Getting An Electric Motorcycle (6/28/2019)- Electric motorcycles continue to grow in popularity with each passing year.  Yet, it seems like riders still have a lot of questions about these battery powered bikes.  For this reason we decided to put together information detailing some benefits electric motorcycles have over their gas powered counterparts.  Here 7 things… ...Read More
The New 2020 Zero SR/F Motorcycle | Available at Moto Z (5/31/2019)- It’s not surprising that every year the electric motorcycle market continues to grow.  Thanks in large part to Zero Motorcycles, riders now have more viable alternatives to gas powered bikes.  As the technology gets better and battery efficiency grows, it might not be too long before electric bikes become the… ...Read More
4 New Zero Electric Motorcycles Available At Moto Z (4/30/2019)- Whether you are a long time rider or new to motorcycles, now is the perfect time to think about going electric.  Zero Electric Motorcycles has been the industry leader in electric bikes for over a decade and the new 2019 model lineup is pretty stellar.  The updates they make each… ...Read More
Spring Riding Checklist | How Are Your Braking Systems? (3/29/2019)- Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to get your motorcycle out of storage.  This is always an exciting time for riders in our area as the Buffalo winter can be depressing and seems to last forever.  We know you’re excited to get in that first ride of… ...Read More
The Best of Motorcycle Accessories From Moto Z (2/28/2019)- Winter isn’t usually a fun time for motorcycle enthusiasts around Buffalo NY.  The snow forces us to put our bikes in winter storage and wait for the hope of an early spring.  The only thing we can really do is work on our bikes so that they’ll be ready to… ...Read More
Charge Up | Benefits of an Electric Motorcycle (1/30/2019)- Electric motorcycle technology has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years.  Improved battery life and efficiency are two of the biggest reasons why riders all over the world consider electric motorcycles as a viable alternative mode of transportation.  We’ve even seen some of the biggest motorcycle brands start… ...Read More
The Best of Clake Clutch Motorcycle Accessories (12/30/2018)- Two of the most crucial parts of high performance motorcycle racing is the ability to shift and brake efficiently.  For that reason, professional racers and casual riders alike are customizing their bikes with Clake clutch accessories. Clake made their name back in 2003 when they started developing left hand rear… ...Read More
Winter Motorcycle Storage in Buffalo NY (11/29/2018)- Buffalo has already received its first big snow of the season.  If you haven’t put your bike up for the winter yet, now is definitely the time.  We all dread this time of year when we have to put our bikes away for a few months, but we know how… ...Read More
6 Reasons Galfer Wave Rotors are Better For Your Bike (10/31/2018)- If you’ve followed our shop talk blog in the past you know how seriously we consider rider safety.  In the past we’ve advocated the safety benefits of wearing the best helmets, improving motorcycle visibility, and switching to carbon fiber motorcycle wheels.  Keeping up with that trend, today we want to… ...Read More
Ducati Certified | Moto Z Buffalo (9/28/2018)- If you own a Ducati, you obviously love motorcycles.  There’s just something about their unique feel, sound and look that screams passion for the motorcycle enthusiast.  However, as is the case with any foreign vehicle, it can be a pain when it comes to Ducati repair. At Moto Z we… ...Read More