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Furygan Leathers

Where else in America can you find Furygan leathers? No where! Moto Z is the only dealer based out of the Unites States that has Furygan leathers in stock and ready to sell! Furygan is a stylish brand who makes textile and leather pants and motorcycle riding suits that are not only sweet, but safe too. Everything that Furygan produces and sells is up to EC Level 1 Safety standards. Here at Moto Z we have furygan leathers for riding, in addition to casual wear that you can kick around in. All pants reflect technical features that are optimum for riding. They make several pairs of textile pants, but the Furygan leathers are top of the line. No one in the world does motorcycle apparel like Furygan. We have a Furygan Leather Riding suit that you won’t find anywhere else in America. If you’re looking for Furygan leathers, you won’t be able to find them anywhere outside of the UK or Europe. Luckily Moto Z has Furygan leathers, suits, leather jackets, boots, gloves, protective equipment, and much more! Take a look at our Furygan products to see what kind of Furygan leathers we have to offer!

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