You might not have even seen an e-bike 5 years ago. There are many startups and international brands looking forward to battery-powered motorcycles, but Zero Motorcycles has been on point for over 10 years. They are the king of electric bikes, and for good reason. Their attention to detail and innovation has created a product that even the most old school rider can appreciate.

We began selling Zero motorcycles last year, featuring a few of the 2017 models. As the leader in electric motorcycles, Zero once again proved why they’re the best with their 2018 models. Here’s a little preview what they did on the new models..

Just when you thought Zero couldn’t get any better, they improved all 6 models for the 2018 product line. The new styles look even cooler than last year models, and feature a new color palette. There’s even an app that you can download to make firmware adjustments quickly. Each 2018 bike, street, dual sport, or motocross, are available with different battery sizes for increased horsepower and range. You can charge the battery on the bike, or easily swap it out.


A charging tank accessory has been made available from Zero that can charge the street and dual sport models 6x faster than last year. With the J1772 fast charging station, you can add up to 103 miles of range each hour of charging time. The Zero smartphone app can hookup with your iOs or Android device to let you know energy use, live performance, and update the bike’s firmware. The ZF7.2 battery power pack produced 11% greater torque with higher maximum revolutions and new gearing. This means faster acceleration and standing start performance.

Each model is set up with one of two Z-Force motors. Either motor is air-cooled and sealed, and require no routine maintenance. The ZForce ZF75-5Wh battery produces up to 34HP and 78 pound-feet of torque. The larger Z-force ZF75-7R with a ZF 14.4kWh battery produces 70HP and 116 lb-ft of torque. These are the motor/battery combo’s on the street and dual sport bikes. For the motocross and supermoto bikes, you can get the ZF75-5 motor with the ZF 3/6kWh batter, which can provide 27HP and 78 lb-ft of torque.

Sounds pretty exciting huh? Now, if you could only find somewhere in Western New York who sold these bad boys. You’re in luck! Moto Z has Zero Motorcycles available, in store, ready to test ride. Just give us a call or stop in the shop to get a look at the 2018 models, and schedule a ride! You’ll never forget the first time you ride an electric motorcycle, we promise you that!

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    "After a long trip riding in Canada, I blew the motor on my '07 Polaris Switchback. I took the sled to Moto Z and Jeff did some trouble shooting to find the cause of failure. Not only was Jeff quick with the repair, but he also took the time to find the best and most inexpensive solution to rebuild the motor. Jeff stood by his work and even fine tuned everything once snow arrived the following season. Great work and excellent pricing, Thanks"

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