Carbon fiber motorcycle wheels have been on the scene for around a decade. Leading companies in the industry, like BST (BlackStone Tek), have utilized this new material to develop new and improved motorcycle wheels.  However, many consumers today think of carbon fiber motorcycle rims as a luxury item that is purely aesthetic. In reality, carbon fiber wheels provide a wide array of benefits when it comes to overall performance compared to traditional aluminum and magnesium frames.  Here’s a few facts to consider when looking to upgrade your motorcycle wheels:



Probably the greatest thing about carbon fiber is that it’s an incredibly lightweight material.  This alone has a huge impact on motorcycle performance as you are reducing the unsprung weight of the bike.  Less weight translates directly to a faster acceleration, better fuel efficiency, and quicker break times.

Added Control

Additionally, less weight leads to lower rotational inertia in the wheel.  Without getting too technical, this is just means that your wheel is going to be less resistant to a change in direction.  Easier turning means you’ll have more control over your bike as you’re riding which is a great way to keep safe while on the road.


Believe it or not, carbon fiber actually has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all materials.  This is what makes carbon fiber motorcycle rims so extremely durable. Carbon fiber motorcycle wheels will have no issues running over bumps and potholes, where as the typical aluminum and magnesium rims may be prone to warp and bend from repeated sudden sharp impacts.


If you’re looking to boost your bike’s performance, why not consider custom carbon motorcycle wheels for an all-around upgrade.  Located in Buffalo, we at Moto Z have established ourselves as one of the premier distributors in all of WNY. We carry everything you might need including the industry leading BST carbon fiber wheels.  Feel free to give us a call or drop by today and see what we have in stock.


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