Two of the most crucial parts of high performance motorcycle racing is the ability to shift and brake efficiently.  For that reason, professional racers and casual riders alike are customizing their bikes with Clake clutch accessories.

Clake made their name back in 2003 when they started developing left hand rear brake systems.  Since then they’ve come out with different models that merge clutching and braking into one.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the safety and efficiency of your bike, products from Clake Clutch USA are a great place to start.  If you aren’t familiar with the Clake line of products, here’s a short description of a few common models and how they’ll improve your ride.


Clake One Light Clutch

The biggest selling point of the Clake One Light Clutch is it’s easy pull lever.  It’s capable of reducing the force needed to shift by around 75 percent. This improved control makes it the desired clutch system for racers wanting more precision or for riders going over tougher terrain.  Additionally, the easy pull of the Clake One Light Clutch is perfect for older riders who are battling arthritis and other issues with grip strength.

Clake SLR

The Clake SLR is a hand operated rear brake.  Even though you might be comfortable with your rear brake pedal, you may want to consider upgrading to a hand operated braking system.  With the Clake SLR you’ll be able to apply consistent rear braking regardless of bumpy terrain. Additionally, you’ll be able to shift your right leg position to maintain balance at any time without worrying about being able to brake.  Riders find the handbrake most beneficial when taking tight right hand turns or starting a bike on a slope. Simply put the Clake SLR gives you improved control and safety.

Clake One and Clake Two

The Clake One and Clake Two are a combination of the previous two models and use a one or two lever grip respectively.  These levers work by first applying the clutch when pulled and then shifting directly to rear braking. These models are an ideal complement to bikes already fitted with an auto-clutch system.  The biggest difference the Clake Two has over the One is it’s extra hand lever which gives you the option of individual clutching and braking if you need it.

Clake Dual Control System

If losing braking control with your foot is something you’re not willing to give up, then you’re in luck.  The Clake Dual Control System is an optional package that allows braking controls to work with either the left hand lever or your right foot pedal.  This means you’ll be able to swap back and forth as necessary or whenever it’s more convenient. The Dual Control System works with any of the Clake rear brake kits we offer.

At Moto Z we’re all about high performance riding and we strive to provide the best equipment on the market to do so.  When it comes to braking and shifting, nothing tops Clake Clutch USA and their family of products. Their series of left hand braking systems and easy pull clutch levers will make your riding easy and efficient.  If you want control at your fingertips, stop in to Moto Z and get your Clake clutch accessories today!

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