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Ducati’s First Win Since 2010

MotoZ is thrilled to see Ducati on the podium again! After a few years of evolution under the watchful eye of Gigi Dall’Igna, Ducati finished first and second in the past weekends’ MotoGP event.

After dominating the MotoGP for several years, Casey Stoner became the posterboy for Ducati. So much so, that the bike began to develop a reputation as

“a machine only Casey Stoner could ride with his radical style.”

2010 was the last time Ducati saw their team win first. After a few years of low finishes, failing to finish higher than 8th in the standings, and a lot of frustration, Ducati appointed Luigi Dall’Igna as the new GM of Ducati Corse to make some serious changes.

Dall’Igna was a major addition, having led Aprilia to 2 World Superbike titles, and honing Aleix Espargara’s ART MotoGP racer into a top CRT contender. He faced many challenges walking in as the new sheriff in town. Fast forward 3 years and once again, we see Ducati on top of the podium, holding down first and second place this past week in Spielberg, Austria.

motogp ducati win

Winning rider Andrea Iaonne joined Andrea Dovizioso in 2015, and they are already making noise on the circuit. The Ducati Duo took the records for fastest lap, pole, and top speed!

Ducati’s success in Austria is just the beginning. With a team, leader, and machines that they have now, they are sure to start regaining their dominance they once had. MotoZ couldn’t be more smitten with the thought!

If you own a Ducati Sportbike, we are your go-to service and repair shop in the Northeast. We pride ourselves in working with Ducati’s because, well, we just love them! We can remember cheering for Casey Stoner when he had control of the circuit, and we look forward to seeing what Ducati has in store for the rest of 2016!

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