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How much do you know about AGV motorcycle helmets? Committed riders might know the brand and understand that AGV produces some of the sickest lids around the world, but did you know AGV started making helmets all the way back in 1947? Moto Z is one of the only AGV dealers in New York State, and you can find the newest and most stylish AGV helmets at our shop just outside of Buffalo NY. Check these..











You can find select AGV motorcycles here at the shop, and we can get anything you want in a matter of days. Let’s take a little trip back in motorcycle history to see where AGV came from.

A.G.V. is an acronym for Amisano Gino Valenza. Back in 1947 Gino Amisano founded the company in Valenza Po, Italy. The first helmet Amisano created was actually made for racing cyclists, as he and his partners began business making leather saddle covers and light helmets. Shortly after, Amisano would meet Luciana Morando, marry her, and bring her into the business. That is when AGV was born.

The first AGV motorcycle helmet was made of leather, formed over a wooden mould, and dried for an hour at 50°C. Completely hand made, they would be painted, and produced at a rapid 5-per-week pace.

A few years later, around 1955, the first modern italian helmet was created, made of fibreglass. The shape was like a “pudding-bowl,” with a criss-cross harness on the inside of the shell to hold it on the riders head. Luciana was in charge of Development, Gino took care of Marketing, and they both worked at improving Production.

As the buzz around AGV grew around the motorcycle racing world into the 60’s, many of the top racers turned to AGV as their helmet supplier. This is the first time helmets began featuring custom colors and graphics. A pioneer of modern motorcycle racing, AGV was the first company to use a motorcycle race for its advertising. They hung banners around the most photographed bends, becoming synonymous with motorcycle racing.

Today AGV remains atop the motorcycle racing world, sitting directly on top of the heads of many of the top racers in the world. Valentino Rossi often features some of the most creative and interesting AGV helmet designs, which we have right here at Moto Z!

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