Harley-Davidson to Release Electric Motorcycle


Harley-Davidson Electronic Concept Bike – The LiveWire

We’re always looking to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the latest and greatest features on anything with 2 wheels. You may already know that Moto Z is your local dealer of Zero Electric Motorcycles. Did you know that Harley-Davidson is also releasing an all electric motorcycle?

Chief Financial Officer John Olin is setting the bar high, saying the new project will put Harley-Davidson as “the world leader in the electrification of motorcycles.” Adding that an additional $25-50 Million will be spent annually on developing electric motorcycle technology. Quite the investment for an American company that clearly sees a shift in the world of automotive technology.

Typically we work exclusively with sport bikes and european dealers, but let’s be honest, we love motorcycles. So anything to do with new technology is relevant and important to us. Just a few years ago, Harley toured the country with an electric concept motorcycle, the “LiveWire,” enabling riders and media to test ride. Now, with slumping sales, the famous American company is looking to make a splash and “get with the times.”

Though the traditional thought of a Harley is the old-school, American hot rod mentality, they are recognizing a shift in trends with younger consumers. This is certainly a major move for motorcycle lovers everywhere. You won’t be seeing these babies on the road anytime soon however, as they plan to release the first on in about 18 months.

The original concept, the LiveWire, could ton-up at 100mph and do 0-60mph in under four seconds. Because of a battery that would only allow up to 55 miles on one charge, the concept remained just that, a concept. But with technology improving, and companies like ZERO motorcycles emerging, Harley is throwing their helmet into the ring.

ZERO bikes can reach up to 223 miles on one charge. 

See more info on ride range for ZERO motorcycles.

If you don’t want to wait a year an a half to check out a Harley-Davidson electronic motorcycle, you’re in luck. Moto Z has a selection of new and used ZERO electronic motorcycles right here at our shop! They are available for purchase, but if you’ve never ridden one, we highly recommend test driving one of our models! Just give us a call or stop in to schedule a test drive today!


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