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Electric motorcycles continue to grow in popularity with each passing year.  Yet, it seems like riders still have a lot of questions about these battery powered bikes.  For this reason we decided to put together information detailing some benefits electric motorcycles have over their gas powered counterparts.  Here 7 things you should consider if you’re deciding what type of motorcycle to purchase.

Saving The Environment

One of the main draws of electric motorcycles is the green initiative.  Thanks to companies like Zero Electric Motorcycles, frequent riders are given a viable clean-energy alternative to their gas powered motorcycles.  If you want to keep riding and protect the planet by reducing emissions, then an ebike is the perfect fit for you.

Save On Gas

Going green is great but most riders will be more interested in saving “green” by avoiding the gas pumps.  Some naysayers may point to the fact that you will still be paying for fuel, just in the form of electricity instead of gas.  This is true but the numbers aren’t even comparable. It has been estimated that you can get the same amount of travel on an electric motorcycle with only a couple dollars that you could with $50 dollars of gasoline!

Instant Power

The biggest performance difference you’ll notice with one of Zero’s motorcycles is the instant torque.  Unlike a traditional gas bike where you have to get the engine rolling before you hit the clutch for more power, an e-bike doesn’t require buildup and instead will apply a steady acceleration.  This may feel a little strange to seasoned riders when they go electric the first time but it’s pretty easy to get used to.

Low Maintenance

Most motorcycle enthusiasts put a lot of care into their rides to make sure they’re in the best shape.  Typical maintenance checks for an electric motorcycle however are almost trivial. This is because they cut out a lot of the common culprits that require a little extra time and money now and then.  You won’t have to worry about replacing air filters, spark plugs or changing your oil because those parts aren’t even there!

Quiet Ride

We’ll leave this up to you to determine if this is a benefit or not.  With no exhaust pipe or engine sound, electric motorcycles move along almost silently.  Some riders might miss the roar of the gas powered engine but there are others who find it a bit disruptive.  Additionally, ebikes will allow you to chat with your comrades while you’re out riding around.

Battery Life

It seems there is a bit of misconception when it comes to the longevity of these bikes.  While it’s true that they aren’t ideal for longer rides or cross country treks, the battery life of electric motorcycles is better than most people think.  Zero has several models that boast a range of over 100 miles including the 2020 Zero SRF and the 2019 Zero SR.

Upfront Cost

Some consider e-motorcycles to be an expensive investment because the market and technology are still fairly new.  However, you have to consider the money you’re saving over the lifespan of the bike from fuel costs and maintenance alone.  You might actually find you come out ahead compared to if you had gone with a cheaper gas powered bike. Additionally, the initial price should continue to fall in the coming years as technology improves and other competitors flood the market to compete with Zero Motorcycles.

If you’ve been wrestling with the decision of going electric with your next motorcycle we hope this blog helped paint a clearer picture what you’d get.  If you’d like to get a feel for one in person, drop by our shop to schedule a test drive with some of our newest models. Our expert staff will also be able to answer any other questions you might have about owning an electric motorcycle.

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