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Moto Z is your go to provider for Zero electric motorcycles in Western New York. We carry new and used models and you can always stop by the shop to test drive. Zero motorcycles were the first on the road, and we consider them to be the top quality electric motorcycle for sale. Harley-Davidson, of all brands, recently came out with their version of the electric bike. Who woulda thought! Here’s a few things about the Harley LiveWire™.

Harley LiveWire™ Price Tag

When you’re going with one of the most recognizable brands on the market, you’re going to see some price inflation. Despite all the many bells and whistles that the LiveWire boasts, the price tag is the first thing that jumps out at us. The Harley LiveWire™ is available for pre sale right now, starting at a menial $29,799. That’s almost triple what even in the middle of the road Zero bikes start at. 

Only 110 Estimated All Electric Mileage

Though the Harley sports the famous name and some of the chunkier character that a Harley only could, the all-electric range currently estimates at about 110 miles of mixed city/highway riding. The Zero SR, which comes in about $10k cheaper than the LiveWire, offers 120 mile mixed city/highway.

Did we mention you can test ride any of our Zero motorcycles anytime?

Test Drive a Harley LiveWire™ Today.. Maybe

The high tech nature of an electric motorcycle may not be for everyone just yet, but for us, we think they’re pretty cool. There’s something really exciting about riding one, even for the most experienced rider. When the Harley Davidson LiveWire comes out.. In the fall, you’ll be able to test drive one yourself.

That’s if you can find one. 

According the Electrek, Harley is in the process of preparing their dealerships for the new electric motorcycle. 

The company plans to have at least one dealership in all 50 states carrying the LiveWire, and more in large metropolitan areas. In order for dealers to carry the LiveWire, they must meet a list of requirements including most importantly installing DC fast charging on-site and maintaining a dedicated staff of LiveWire sales reps.

Harley-Davidson received such an enthusiastic response from dealers regarding the LiveWire that they are still in the process of narrowing down options and deciding which dealerships will get the new electric motorcycles.

You could wait around and hope to get your hands on a Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle. You could hope that someone in WNY gets a few in stock this Fall, when the Bills are already halfway through another 8-8 season. You could even pay 30k for an electric motorcycle. But you don’t have to…. Stop in Moto Z and test drive one of our electric motorcycles anytime you want! We have a selection of new and used Zero Electric Bikes that will knock your socks off!

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