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If you’ve kept up with our blog in the past you know all about the rising popularity of electric motorcycles.  Last month we talked about how even Harley Davidson is trying to carve out a piece of this market.  Despite the increased demand for electric motorcycles there are still many riders who are apprehensive about making the switch.  In this month’s blog we wanted to address a few common concerns about electric motorcycle safety.

Zero Motorcycles Offer A Silent Ride

A lot of longtime riders take issue with how quiet these motorcycles are.  This complaint goes further than just missing the aesthetic roar of the engine; many riders see it as a safety hazard as well.  The argument is that other traffic won’t hear you coming and may not be aware of your presence. While this may be true, any rider who is relying on the sound of their bike as a primary safety feature is already in trouble.  If anything, the silence of our Zero electric motorcycles should encourage you to drive more defensively and be more conscious of the traffic around you. Signaling properly and making yourself stand out with a colorful helmet or jacket can help minimize any danger.

Electric Motorcycles Provide Instant Torque

If you’re a seasoned rider this can be a big shock when you try an electric bike for the first time.  Because there’s no engine, a Zero electric won’t need to “get going” so all the power is available right out of the gate.  This will feel strange and can cause you to wheelie if you’re not careful and apply too much throttle to start. This may take some time to adjust to, but a regular rider should have no trouble getting the hang of it.  Just remember to be careful when you stop by our shop to test drive a Zero electric motorcycle!

Limited Range For Zero Motorcycles?

This has long been the biggest knock on electric motorcycles.  However, it has softened over the years as newer battery technology has made it less of an issue.  The fear is that if you take your Zero electric out long distance, you may run out of juice along the way.  Though public charge stations aren’t quite commonplace yet, more continue to pop up each year making these bikes more suitable for long treks.  To stay safe, simply be diligent about mapping out any longer rides and make sure you stay within your range.Electric motorcycles are really no more dangerous than their gas powered counterparts.  It all boils down to simply making sure they’re handled responsibly. Stop by Moto Z to test drive a brand new 2020 Zero SR/F and get a feel for a real Zero electric today!

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