Techtronics C A B S Yamaha R1 & R6 Downshifting System

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CABS – Clutch Activated Blip System is a new patented downshift technology developed by techtronics. CABS uses a unique interface with the Yamaha YCC-T ‘Fly by Wire’ system which allows it to electronically take control of the throttles during downshifts. CABS executes an automatic throttle blip every time a downshift is made which provides faster, smoother and effortless downshifts during corner entry. The techtronics software in the CABS unit has electronic links to the clutch lever, brakes, ecu & gear position sensor and only activates the system during a downshift.



Fly By Wire Electronic Throttle Blipping System

  • Faster Smoother Downshifts
  • Turns Clutch Lever Into Blip Trigger During Downshifts
  • Clutch Lever Activated
  • All Yamaha R1 & R6 YCC-T On
  • Easily Installed In Minutes


CABS can be simply adjusted by the user to select the size of throttle blip that is preferred for personal style. High RPM engines generate high back torque during rapid deceleration and this heats up the slipper clutch, precise throttle blipping assists the downshift process.

The electronic throttle blip is quicker more precise and controlled – letting the rider just concentrate on applying the correct pressure on the brake lever.

The system is triggered as you pull the clutch lever and uses the original Yamaha clutch switch as a signal to execute a perfectly timed electronically controlled throttle blip.  It  can also be connected to a shift sensor switch to provide clutchless downshifts, but the patented clutch switch system is the ultimate way to downshift.

In MotoGP and WSB the top guys still clutch during downshifts as it gives the rider fine control over engine braking



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