Antigravity AG-1601 Lithium Battery


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Small Case Lithium Battery

The AG-1601 is an ultra compact 16-Cell battery: only 5.5 x 3.25 x 5.25 inches (LxWxH to the top of the terminals) yet has massive power. It can turn over many of the larger V-Twin motors up to 113 cubic inches. This battery is often chosen for Custom V-Twins where small size is needed, and by Adventure bikers who want more power and capacity. AG-1601 is also a favorite for Race Car use.


  • Most Compact of Lithium Motorsports Batteries available.
  • Ultra-Lightweight and High-Power Lithium-Ion Motorsport Battery.
  • Can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no “Parasitic Drains” (accessories that draw power when bike is off (i.e. alarms, ECUs, iPods, GPS, heated grips, etc).
  • Built in the USA to high quality standards.
  • Large all-brass terminal design.
  • Can be installed in any orientation.
  • 3-Year Warranty

Best Uses

  • Capable of every day use in bikes up to 1600cc.
  • Large V-Twin motors up to 1600cc (96 Cubic inch).
  • Race use bikes up to 2000cc (use may vary depending on modifications to motor and size of motor).
  • Race use in Cars up to 3500cc (use may vary depending on modifications to motor and size of motor).
  • Not for use with PWC.

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