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Furygan Jacket

Did you know Moto Z is one of the few FURYGAN dealers in the United States that can sell you what the GP riders wear? We actually have FURYGAN jacket, suits, gloves and pants IN STOCK!! Furygan is one of the hottest brands in the world right now, and they are expanding their reach to the U.S. Furygan has been making jackets and other riding apparel since 1969, based out of France. They dominate the motorcycle jacket market in France and Europe, and you can get the world’s leader right here at Moto Z. As we noted in our blog, Furygan is worn by some of the world’s best riders. The large Panther logo on the Furygan jacket is recognized by true motorcycle fans, based on seeing it on the backs of top riders. Not only does the Furygan jacket have swag, all of their products feature EC Level 1 safety performance. Their jackets are very technical, easily wearable, and provide you the utmost protection. We offer Furygan jackets for Men and Women, at some of the best prices available. Check out our full selection of Furygan and pick out your new jacket today!

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