As you may or may not know, we love motorcycles. Like, really love. Anything on 2 wheels, that goes fast, we love to ride, fix, and talk about. Also as you may or may not know, we just recently started selling Zero Electric Motorcycles. We are so excited about these bikes, and you’ll feel the same when you learn a little bit more. Traditional gear-heads might shudder at the idea of not hearing the sweet sound of a hot motorcycle motor, but when you feel how fast these things are, you’ll forget all about the motor. Here are just a few brief reasons why you’ll love Zero electric motorcycles.

Go Green.

Whether you care about the environment or not, the fact of the matter is the Zero Motorcycles is good for the environment. You can sit and argue whether or not you agree with Trump or Al Gore, but on the bright side, you don’t need to go to the gas station. Think about that, never pay for gas again. You might ride a few times and forget while getting used to riding electric, it certainly is foreign. If you’re riding street, the max amount of range on one charge is 202 miles, compared to 101 on a charge on the highway. Sure you won’t be able to ride from NY to California on one charge, but you’re also not paying for gas.

Learn More About Zero Motorcycles’ Range Here 

Go Low Maintenance.

We love working on bikes, don’t get us wrong, but we also know what it’s like to have to get work done. It also can get really pricey. Say goodbye to bike maintenance. A strong, silent tension belt power direct drive channels. There’s no clutch. No gears. This prevents any routine powertrain maintenance. The Z-Force® powertrain eliminates the need for any cooling systems. Everything is air-cooled. You’ll never have to replace the clutch, check oil, change oil, change filters, switch spark plugs, or anything like that.

Go Fast.

There are few things as exhilarating as accelerating a motorcycle. You might be thinking, no moving parts, no motor, how the hell could this thing go any faster than an electric scooter? Zero Motorcycles has redefined the riding experience. You just go. Fast. Without motor noise, you can hear more going on around you. Without the need to shift, you can enjoy the smooth sailing. Without the heat and exhaust, you can breath fresh air and avoid anything burning. According to, the lineup of Zero Motorcycles range anywhere from 3.3 to 5.2 seconds, 0-60. Yeah. You’re gonna want to test ride one of these babies.

Zero Motorcycles can be found at Moto Z, where you can test ride and buy any of our available models. We pride ourselves at being known for our love of motorcycles, and we want people to find out how amazing these new electric motorcycles are. If you would like to talk more about Zero Electric Motorcycles, have any questions, or would want to get on one, just simply give us a call! We would love to fill you in on anything you may need to know, and we have the bikes right here at our shop! What are you waiting for?

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