The electric motorcycle swing is in full force right now.  More riders than ever are choosing battery powered bikes over their gas guzzling counterparts.  Despite their rise in popularity, e-motorcycles still carry a stigma that scares potential riders away; their lack of range.  Zero Motorcycles have worked hard to dispel these feelings and their 2019 lineup certainly backs them up. All their latest models now boast of a range of at least 100 miles per charge!

Even with the improved range, few would consider Zero motorcycles to be great touring bikes.  Most of their past designs have centered around looking more like speedsters than trailrunners.  If that’s not your style, we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Zero family. Announced just last month, the Zero DSR Black Forest is set to become a highlight of their 2020 catalogue.  One thing is for sure, Zero is finally releasing a bike that is ready for an adventure!

2020 Zero DSR Black Forest

This model contains a lot of features that Zero bikes haven’t seen before.  It includes lockable storage cases, a touring windscreen and seat, auxiliary lights, and other minor quality of life features.  This is huge for riders who have been waiting to truly hit the open road on their electric motorcycle. On the performance side of things, the Black Forest is right in line with the more traditional DSR model.  Here’s a quick overview of the specifications.


The Black Forest model sports a combined 112 city and highway miles per charge.  This can be extended to 141 miles with the additional power tank upgrade. You’ll have enough juice to do some local exploring or go on longer treks.  Just be sure you plan out your rides in advance so you can find a spot to fill up if need be.

Charging Time and Cost

Speaking of fill ups, there’s some encouraging information regarding fueling up.   The best part about Zero motorcycles is how inexpensive they are to run. The cost to charge your battery from dead to full using your home outlets is less than 2 dollars!  It will take around 10 hours for a full charge or a mere 2.5 hours with the charge tank upgrade option. Either way, just remember to leave your bike plugged the night before you go on a long ride.


People are often surprised by the force behind these battery powered motorcycles.  The DSR Black Forest tops out with a max speed of 102 mph with an outstanding 116 ft-lbs of torque!  You’ll have no complaints about getting around quickly with one of these bikes. This model also features the strongest battery ever for a zero motorcycle with a max capacity of 14.4 kWh.

The 2020 Zero DSR Black Forest is an exciting bike and we hope to have one in our shop soon to demo.  In the meantime, drop by and test drive some of our other Zero electric motorcycles.  Our expert staff will be able to help you out and answer any questions you might have about making the jump from gas to electric.  We look forward to seeing you!

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