If you’ve ridden a sportbike, you’re already pretty crazy. Sitting atop a two wheeled beast flying down the road or track isn’t for the faint of heart. Any true rider knows someone who’s been in a serious accident, and unfortunately many may know someone who was fatally injured on their bike. This is a terrible reminder of how scary things can get when riding, and how serious practicing safe habits and using the best protective gear is so important. Here are a few things to remember, and a video to remind you how scary a crash can be, even if you’re not at fault.

Wear a Good Helmet

The evolution of the motorcycle helmet has come a long way in the last hundred years. Your brain is your most important organ, and no one wants to see one laying on the asphalt. Wrap your melon in a solid shell. We carry several different helmets from AVG and Shoei that are top of the line, and will help protect your noggin.

Apparel Counts

Sure looking good is always important, as any rider knows, but keeping your flesh on your body is even more important. The brand of apparel you choose makes a huge difference in your safety. Riding apparel can seem pricey, but it’s basically part of the investment in your bike, and your safety. Getting equipment from brands like Furygan that put the time and energy into creating equipment that is not only pretty, but is scientifically tested to prevent injury.

Service Your Wheels

You can have the safest gear on the planet, but if you’re riding a bike that isn’t in top condition, you’re putting yourself at risk. It’s always a great idea to find a technician who you trust, who will always give you the advice that helps you, not him. We pride ourselves on making sure your bike is serviced to the utmost quality, and we have the credentials to prove it. We offer certifications in many of the top European sport bike models, and we are one of the only mater certified Ducati technicians. 

If you’ve come into our shop, you’re probably our friend already. You know how passionate we are for providing the top service, parts, apparel, and equipment to all of our clients (friends.) If you haven’t, do us a favor and let a fellow rider know what we’re all about. We’re always looking forward to the next bike to check out, and we love talking shop. Plus, we have a bunch of sweet apparel right here at our shop that you can get at the best prices in Western New York. We look forward to it!

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