If you’ve followed our shop talk blog in the past you know how seriously we consider rider safety.  In the past we’ve advocated the safety benefits of wearing the best helmets, improving motorcycle visibility, and switching to carbon fiber motorcycle wheels.  Keeping up with that trend, today we want to talk about choosing the safest brand of brake lines, pads and rotors from our friends at Galfer USA.

Galfer USA has been making high performance braking systems for over 70 years now.  Their patented Galfer Wave Rotors have become the standard custom braking systems in the motorcycle industry.  Here’s a few reasons why casual and professional riders alike choose Galfer rotors over anything else.

More Braking Power

Galfer rotors are the preferred brand because of their increased braking power.  Galfer Wave Rotors are designed to ensure optimal contact with the brake pad. Their wave blade design is engineered for the perfect combination of stopping force and feel.

Better Heat Dissipation

The key to providing more braking power stems from improving heat dissipation.  Galfer wave rotors have extra surface area allowing more heat transfer to the surroundings.  This allows the rotors to cool faster and make braking more effective.

Less Warping

Brake rotors often warp because of uneven stress applied from the brake pads while under heat.  The improved heat dissipation of Galfer Wave Rotors reduces the amount of excessive heat and helps eliminate potential for warping.

Cleaner Braking Surface

One of the trademarks of Galfer rotors is the slotted design.  This design helps with heat dissipation but it also keeps your rotors clean.  Slots on the rotors make it harder for dirt, mud and water to stick around and interfere with brake effectiveness.

Resistance to Corrosion

Motorcycle rotors are much thinner than that of other vehicles.  Even the slightest amount of rust can compromise the integrity of your brakes.  Galfer Wave Rotors combat this issue with their stainless steel construction which eliminates any worrying about rust.

Lighter Weight

Lastly, the slotted design and stainless steel construction make Galfer Wave Rotors lighter than most competitors.  Lighter rotors result in less unsprung which is always something riders look for to improve braking performance.

At Moto Z we strive to provide our customers with the best quality motorcycle parts and accessories on the market.  Our line of brake rotors from Galfer USA definitely meets the mark. If you want to upgrade the performance and safety of your bike, check out our website or stop in to see what we have available.  Moto Z is excited to help with your next motorcycle upgrade.

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